M E E T  D A T E  +  K A L E

W E  B E L I E V E . . .

in simplicity. was it about your closet, home decor or meal, we think that having less actually gives you more. foods at their most natural state. organic whenever possible.

in wholesome, plant-rich and sustainable foods, bursting with flavour, colours and nutrients. rainbow bowls for days.

in balance. we also indulge on dark chocolate and drink a cocktail or two when we're on a party mood.

that our bodies are our best lifestyle advisors. so remember to love + listen to them. go for a run, lift weights, do yoga or start your morning with a quick meditation. whatever makes you feel amazing.

that cooking + eating should be fun. so get crazy in the kitchen and don't take it too seriously.

A N N I  K R A V I  +

R I C H A R D  M C C O R M I C K

anni + richard met through instagram and worked together on various food and design related projects for nearly two years before deciding to open together DATE + KALE, a concept built upon the values of a plant-based whole foods diet.

anni is a business school graduate, designer and certified health coach with a passion for all things food and wellness.

@anniskk - blueberryboost.com

richard is a trained chef and the creative behind many of helsinki's well-known restaurants such as sandro, the cock, holiday bar and yes yes yes.

@richardmccormicks - richardmccormicks.com