Why Do I Cough After I Eat?

Coughing after eating is a common occurrence, and why it happens isn’t clear. One possible cause is food allergies or sensitivities that are triggered by the body’s immune system. Another reason why coughing can happen after a meal is due to bronchial asthma, which could be caused by some of the foods you eat. It can also be an allergy-related condition called eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), where allergic reactions to food substances lead to inflammation in your stomach lining and lower esophagus.

Why do I cough after I eat? This is a question that many people ask themselves. It can be difficult to know what the cause of these symptoms are, but we’re here to help you figure out what’s going on!

Many people experience a dry, hacking cough after eating and wonder why this is happening. Actually, the coughing happens because there are tiny particles of food that get stuck in your throat when you eat. The phlegm then builds up until it becomes too much to handle so you have to cough it out. It can also happen if you drink something with high levels of carbon dioxide or smoke cigarettes before or during a meal. If the problem persists, then make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible!

What are you eating when the cough occurs

What you are eating can cause coughing. If you eat spicy food, or smoke cigarettes before or during a meal then this can cause your throat to dry out and make it more difficult for food particles to pass through.

Try to avoid foods that are high in spices that you are alergic to – or that ‘tickle’ your throat.

What are you eating when the cough occurs?

Typical food items that will cause a dry throat and result in coughing include:

  • spicy foods, such as Indian or Mexican cuisine. If you have an issue with spices then try to avoid these types of dishes!
  • smoking cigarettes or cigars before or during or after a meal.

Is it just after or during a meal

If you are trying to figure out the cause consider if it happens before or after a meal.

  • If it is just before the meal then could you be allergic to certain foods? Try a food out and see if this helps.
  • If it’s after the meal, why not try drinking water or tea with sugar in it? This will help keep your throat moistened and may reduce coughing episodes.

When does the cough occur – morning, night, evening

Another important factor to consider is what time of day the coughing occurs. Some people cough more in morning, lunch and night time. This may reveal the cause of your coughing!

How long do you typically have to wait before coughing again

When you are trying to discover the cause of your coughing fits think about how long you have to wait to cough again. The time between coughing fits can revel if the cause is food, allergies or something else!

Does anything make your cough better 

Some foods or drinks may solve your coughing problems. Try to remember what stops your coughs so you can always have it nearby!

If you are noticing the same issue, it is not rooted in your health. You may want to think about why this could be happening and why do I cough after eating. The medical term for coughing while eating is called dysphagia. It can happen because of a blockage or an infection that affects the throat muscles, but there are non-medical causes!

Have you seen a doctor about this issue yet

If your coughing gets too bad you may need to see your doctor. It can be a sign that something else is wrong. You can start with your normal family doctor and they may refer you to an ENT or allergy doctor for further testing.

We all know the feeling of that tickle in your throat, followed by an uncontrollable hacking cough. It’s one thing to have a dry throat and another entirely to feel like you can’t breathe or swallow because something is stuck in there! When we eat or drink, our swallowing muscles work hard to move food down into our stomachs with help from gravity and peristalsis (the natural wave-like motion of muscles).

If these motions are not functioning properly for any reason, it could lead to coughing after eating. This article has given some ideas on what may be causing this sensation as well as how you can take care of yourself if you experience this problem.

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