meet date + kale (richard + anni)


in simplicity. was it about your closet, home decor or meal, we think that having less actually gives you more. foods at their most natural state. organic whenever possible.

in wholesome, plant-rich and sustainable foods, bursting with flavour, colours and nutrients. rainbow bowls for days.

in balance. we also indulge on dark chocolate and drink a cocktail or two when we’re on a party mood.

that our bodies are our best lifestyle advisors. so remember to love + listen to them. go for a run, lift weights, do yoga or start your morning with a quick meditation. whatever makes you feel amazing.

that cooking + eating should be fun. so get crazy in the kitchen and don’t take it too seriously.

let’s eat dreams.

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date liked kale’s smoothie bowls and date’s restaurants were kale’s favourites in town. now kale’s smoothie bowls are actually served in one of date’s restaurants.

kale on date:

‘coming up with more great ideas in a day than an average person in six months, this artist is always on the way somewhere or in the middle of something…if you’re lucky enough to catch him, it must be a late evening in some of his restaurants, richard hiding in his secret spot while checking last minute flights and having breakfast at 8 pm.’

@richardmccormicks – richardmccormicks.com

date on kale:

‘don’t let her angel eyes and golden blond hair fool you. anni’s a tough cookie to crack, controlling every bee pollen crumb on her delicious smoothie bowls while making sure that also you know if you’re out of line…’

@anniskk – blueberryboost.com