19 Tips for Taking Awesome Photos of Your Large Family

There are many large family photo ideas that you can try out to ensure that your photos come out amazing. No matter what type of large family you have, there is a way for you to take awesome pictures. This blog post will discuss some of the best strategies for taking great large family photos and how they can make the process a lot less stressful!

If you are a large family, then it is important to have some awesome photos to remember your time together. Here are 11 tips for taking the best possible large family photo!

I am a mother of 4 children, and I have been taking photos for my family since the day they were born. It’s always so much fun when we all get together to take one big group photo. This post is going to share some ideas that you can use on your next large family photo shoot with your kids!

We all know that family photos can be a pain to take, but they are worth it. Too often we put off taking family photos because the process seems daunting. With these simple tips you’ll have your best family photo yet!

Large family photo ideas can be a challenge to come up with. You want something that will show off how big your family is, but you also want the photo to look good and not just have people crammed in together.

1. Take a photo of the whole family in front of your house

Taking a photo in front of your family home is never a bad idea! You can get a large family photo that has your house in the background, and you’ll have plenty of room to add grandmas, cousins or other loved ones.

The best part about having this as an option is that it doesn’t require much more than just renting out the yard for a few hours! You won’t need any fancy equipment and just need to mow the grass.

2. Have each person take a picture with their phone and then put them together on one big canvas

If everyone is not together in one location it might be a good idea to make a collage. Take a photo of each person with their own phone. Then, upload all the photos to an online canvas site and pick your favorite one as the final product!

This is perfect for large families who can’t get everyone in the same place or want to have grandma’s wedding ring included. It also doesn’t matter where you are in the world – everyone can be included!

3. Get everyone to wear matching clothes, like red shirts or blue jeans

Having everyone wear the same clothing is a great way to make sure that everyone is in the shot and identifiable. This is especially important if you want to be able to remember who was doing what when you look back at your photos years later or if there are more than three generations of family members!

If this doesn’t feel like something that can work for your large family, try tp come up with another theme or color scheme.

4. Take individual photos of each member of the family and then combine them all into one large collage 

Combining individual photos into a larger collage is a great way to include everyone in the photo and share how much they all have grown! This is also a good idea for large families that live far away from each other or who might not see each other often.

You could take individual photos of each member of your family, cut them out, then combine them into one larger collage online or in print form!

5. Create an album where you write down memories about each person’s life so far 

Create an album with memories about each person’s life so far on the cover. This will be a great way to commemorate special moments in your large family!

One of my favorite things about being part of such a big family is that I have always had someone there who understood what it meant to share memories with me. Whether it was because they were born right before or after the shot was taken.

6. Make a photo book with pictures from every year since they were born (or any other time period)

Pictures that include everyone every year are a great way to show a growing family.

A photo book with pictures from every year since they were born (or any other time period) is a great way to show the progression of your large family. I love looking back at my old albums and finding new details now that I am older.

7. Take a family photo in your home

Your home is where your family lives – and a great place to take a photo!

The best large family photos can be taken in your home. You will have all of the necessary space and – if you are lucky enough to live near a body of water, like we do here on Lake Erie – then there is no need for additional props or scenery!

8. Take a family photo outside on a sunny day

One of our favorite spots to take family photos is outside on a sunny day. Being outside in the sun is fun – and the increased light is perfect for capturing all of your large family’s details.

We love to take photos at local parks and on scenic trails in our area – especially when it starts to get a little bit cooler out.

9. Have the kids pose with their favorite toys or pets

Toys and pets mean a lot fo kids growing up. And one of the easiest ways to capture those memories is in photos.

Pose your large family together with their favorite toys or pets for a photo that will be cherished for years!

10. Take a family photo with everyone in the same color

Having everyone wear the same color is a popular choice for big families.

It’s a little more difficult to pull off, but it can be worth the effort for an awesome photo. Pick a simple color that matches your family and ask everyone to wear something in their favorite color!

11. Try taking photos with different lighting styles

Different types of light can give your large family photos so much personality. Choose a few different light settings for the best pictures.

  • natural light outdoors
  • indoor lighting with lamps and overhead lights on
  • spotlights for more dramatic shots

Taking photos of your large -family can be a blast! Check out our tips to help you take the best family photos possible. Remember, it’s all about capturing those cherished memories.

12. Create a themed backdrop for your photo, like an outdoor scene or one of your favorite hobbies

Themed backdrops are a great option for large group shots. All you need is a few props and an idea.

  • A large tree branch or natural object outside for the background
  • Create a themed backdrop in your garage with materials from the dollar store, like fake flowers or bunting flags

It’s important to get everyone involved! Encourage each family member to wear something that represents themselves –

13. Have fun with it! Try taking pictures in front of mirrors, on swings, or even posing as if you’re about to jump off a cliff (just make sure someone is there to catch you!) 

Make sure to have fun while taking the pictures. Your family will love looking back on these memories. Try to make sure everyone is having fun – including kids!

14. Get some props for your photo

Large tree branches are a fun thing to sit on and can add flavor to the group.

Fake flowers or flags can serve as a backdrop.

If you have an old piece of furniture, set it up in the yard and use that for your background instead!

15. Be sure to take pictures of Dad too! He usually gets left out because he’s often behind the camera taking photos himself. 

Make sure to include some photos of Dad – or hire a professional photographer.

16. If you would like to include your pet in the photo, make sure they are on a leash or harness and that they stay by your side.

Always keep your pet on a leash so it does not escape! Large crowds can spook puppies so keep the leash tight and only bring them out if they are calm.

17. Make sure everyone is looking at the camera! One of my favorite photos from our family reunion was when we all turned to look into a mirror while someone snapped pictures, it created an awesome effect for this large group without any photoshop!!

A phone app is a fun way to collect and edit pictures. You can set the timer, take a bunch of pictures in one shot, and then just choose your favorites to post on social media.

19. Make sure that everyone has their eyes open when they smile – this will help them look more natural in the picture 

Some people have large families with more than 20 members! This is why we need all these great tips for taking awesome photos!!

Taking good family portraits is hard when you’re trying to fit so many

Our goal is to help you create the perfect large family photo. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips and tricks for getting everyone in your group together, capturing great shots, and making sure that no one feels left out! What are your best tips? Share them in the comments below.

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